About Us

There are only a few AK manufacturers that emphasize quality over quantity.  The American consumer is left with few choices when shopping for an AK: either overpaying for the name on a box, or taking their chances with a less reputable company.  Customers who choose to buy an AK through a mass-production or import source take on considerable quality risks and many times end up spending more money than they originally planned trying to fix mistakes on their guns.  Advanced Weapon Systems brings consumers a new choice -  hand built quality rifles at a great price.

Advanced Weapon Systems is an innovative company founded by two United States military veterans with a passion for creating quality firearms. We have decided to combine our professional military experience and love of firearms and bring something special to the market.  For us, everything is personal.  We are a small business with a close connection to our customers and community.  We aren't getting rich doing this, and we wouldn't continue to push the AK market forward for a simple paycheck.  Every rivet we crush comes with a certain level of pride, and every rifle that leaves our shop was built with passion and enthusiasm.

AWS started out as a hole-in-the-wall custom operation where we tackled some of the most complex builds our customers could bring to us.  We spent several years honing our skills as a custom shop while we took on increasingly complex jobs for customers.  Over the years we have gone from finishing simple kit builds to offering complete conversions, caliber changes, restorations, and one-of-a-kind ultra custom builds.  Our experiences have made us one of the most skilled and competitive builders in the country.

Why are we priced so competitively compared to other custom shops, you may ask.  The answer is simple: WE do all the work ourselves.  We don't outsource work to other shops, which saves the customer hundreds of dollars.  Many custom shops will outsource paint, barreling, welding, etc... and that cost is passed on to the customer.  At AWS, we have been on a years-long journey of personal skill development and we are happy to say that we have no need to outsource work to other shops and let the customer pick up the tab.

AWS is now taking an exciting new step forward.  We are taking all the skills and quality demands of our custom shop roots and applying it to firearms that can be distributed on a large scale.  Unlike many AK manufacturers who have experience as either a mass production shop or a custom shop, we are taking our attention to quality and our personalized customer experience and integrating it into production-level manufacturing.  This allows us to make very high quality firearms at an unbeatable price, all without neglecting the needs of each individual customer.

 Joshua McGee (Co-Owner, Left)  - Joshua McGee is a US Navy veteran who has spent his professional career in the field of mechanical engineering.  Joshua is most likely the one you will speak to if you call us, and he is happy to take the time to figure out exactly what you want one step at a time.

Jeremy McGee (Co-Owner, Right) - Jeremy McGee served in the Indiana National Guard and worked in the fields of agriculture and pharmacy before co-founding Advanced Weapon Systems LLC.  Jeremy is responsible for coordinating efforts between AWS and its business affiliates, as well as keeping everyone up to date on social media.