We Build Better

There's plenty of reasons more than half of our customers come back for a second rifle!  There are all different kinds of AK's on the market, and it can be hard to understand what makes each brand and model different from the competition.  While most AK's look the same on the outside, the most important differences are those found on the inside of the rifle.  At Advanced Weapon Systems we pride ourselves in building better rifles from the inside out to make exceptional quality rifles that will last a lifetime.  Here are some of the reasons that our rifles beat out the competition:


A well-built stamped receiver is hands down better than any milled receiver on the market.  They are lighter and just as tough.  Unfortunately, many AK builders take shortcuts to simplify the build process and save time.  Advanced Weapon Systems refuses to cut corners when building our rifles. We fully heat treats our receivers and fine-tune the rails and ejectors to match each bolt and action perfectly.  We also pressure-test the slide rails to ensure that our welds are strong enough for a lifetime of use.

Better Rivets

Everybody knows that the rivets are one of the most important components of an AK.  If the riveting is not done correctly it can result in twisted receivers, misaligned trunnions, and inconsistent cycling.  Advanced Weapon Systems uses the same rivets that the Polish military AK's are built with.  These brand new Radom rivets include the proper swell neck rivets and are ready for a lifetime of abuse.

Better PArts Kits

Advanced Weapon Systems builds all of our non-custom rifles on WBP's virgin forged parts kits.  We include their premium forged front trunnion so that the bolt, bolt carrier, and front trunnion are all made from only the best metallurgy.  Our rifles feature the same combination of cast and forged parts that European militaries have been using for over 40 years, so it's guaranteed to be a quality build.

Better Barrels

The accuracy and longevity of a rifle is dependent on a number of different factors.  Unfortunately for the consumer, it is difficult to find an AK with a high-quality barrel that will last through the years.  Advanced Weapon Systems refuses to compromise on barrel quality, and uses US made 4150 chromoly black nitrated barrels.  These barrels produce more accuracy than a chrome lined barrel, while lasting just as long.

Better Build Process

The vast majority of AK's that you will find on a store shelf are built in a mass-production environment.  Building an AK on an assembly line doesn't necessarily mean the rifle is of poor quality, but those rifles will not live up to their maximum potential.  Advanced Weapon Systems has a very hands-on approach to our build process, where each stage of the build process is fine tuned for each rifle.  Every rifle we build will have a refined feel that you can't find in mass-production rifles. Notable differences between our rifles and run-of-the-mill AK's are found in the polished hammer and bolt carrier, smoothened trigger pull, careful headspacing, and positive yet painless safety lever movement.  We take the time to bore sight the iron sights at 25 meters so you will be on paper the first time you take your rifle out.  We also have multiple rigid quality control stages to our build process that ensure your rifle is built correctly from the stock to the muzzle. 

Every member of our team at Advanced Weapon Systems is highly skilled and knowledgeable.  It is expected of each of our employees to know the AK platform inside and out, so that every customer is guaranteed to receive a perfect rifle regardless of who builds it. 

Better Finish

Advanced Weapon Systems assembles all of our rifles with expertise and then covers the entire rifle with a durable layer of Cerakote to provide corrosion and scratch protection.  We use Graphite Black as a default option, and offer alternate color options upon request.  Our rifles are as beautiful as they are tough.

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