AWS Custom Build

The sky is the limit. Take our AK base and choose all of your own custom build options. If we can get our hands on it, we can fit it to your rifle. Why pay for accessories that you plan to replace later when you can just buy the rifle of your dreams today? Let us save you time and money and build your rifle the way you want it right out of the box.

Sighting options
Barrels (stainless, chrome, or nitrated)
Custom Cerakote

Specific part kits
Underfolders, Sidefolders, Pistols
Trigger groups
BFPU Style

AWS Build Class

If you want to learn how to build an AK we offer a special 1-on-1 build class, where you can learn every step of the AK build process from demilling to final assembly.  We can schedule them any day of the week, and always recommend setting aside 2 days at a time, just in case the rifle doesn't get finished in one day (which hasn't happened yet).  This is a great way for you to turn that cardboard box full of cosmoline and gun parts into a rifle that you truly built for yourself, or simply learn the basics of AK building with a kit we can provide for you!

Customer's rifle built at one of our classes

Customer's rifle built at one of our classes

Pricing is as follows:
Bring your own kit, receiver, and furniture - $550.00
All parts provided by AWS (furniture not included) - $1000
Cerakote - $100 (price only applies to build class)

Other products and Services


AWS manufactures our own receivers in-house, and we are happy to manufacture receivers just for you!  Do you want a specific serial number or custom engraving?  No problem.  We laser engrave our receivers to any specification.  AWS receivers are heat treated in a kiln for 2 hours and then finished with a sleek layer of Graphite Black Cerakote over a parkerize surface treatment to make sure your receivers are strong enough to take whatever abuse you put it them through.


Repaint / Refinish

AWS also offers our Cerakote, KG Gunkote, and other paint service to customers who have not purchased one of our rifles.  If you have a firearm lying around that you would like refinished to look like new, we are here to help.

Repair, Restoration, Alteration

Sometimes a rifle just doesn't quite roll off the assembly line correctly.  AWS has fixed countless rifles with crooked sights, unsafe headspacing, poor factory finishes etc...  If you would like your rifle serviced, there is almost no limit to what we can do with your rifle!  Do you wish your rifle had a scope rail?  We can do that.  Do you want a new barrel?  We can do that too!  Just send your rifle to us and sleep well knowing that your AK is in good hands.

Furniture Refinish

If you have a set of wooden handguards and/or a buttstock that you want to make special, send it to us and we can refinish it with a variety of stains and finishes.  Refinishing the furniture is a great way to even out the variation in colors between unmatched components, so that even wood from different countries can look like they shipped together from the factory.  We are very adept with shellac techniques which is the traditional coating for AK furniture, and we can take it one step further and polish it to a mirror shine!