THE classic: $1000

The AWS Classic is for the shooter who appreciates the natural beauty of the original AKM. We use brand new Polish-made wooden handguards and stocks, and the result is a traditional AK that you can't take your eyes off of.  You can also upgrade to the Classic ELITE to get some beautiful shellac'd Russian laminate furniture that looks better than the original!

 Classic EILTE ($1050)

Classic EILTE ($1050)

The Survivor - $850

 AWS Survivor with custom front end.

AWS Survivor with custom front end.

The AWS Survivor is the perfect essential package.  Complete with a solid polymer stock and Hogue furniture, the Survivor is lightweight and easy to operate, but still packs the same punch as our other models. If you want the world-renown reliability of an AK but don't want to worry about operating a complex weapon system, this is the perfect rifle for you!

The Recon- $1050

 Recon model with upgraded muzzle device.

Recon model with upgraded muzzle device.

The AWS recon is the perfect mobile package.  This package includes the Magpul Zhukov side-folding stock and Magpul MOE handguard, which gives you a lightweight and portable option. This package is great for anybody who likes to keep their rifle within arms reach at all times!


(Availble through select vendors)


The PM90p is the single most SBR-ready pistol on the AK market.  This pistol takes on the look of a traditional Romanian PM90, but is sold as a pistol.  Unlike all other AK pistols, this one has an AKM rear trunnion which allows you to attach an arm brace with zero modifications to the pistol.  Conversely, after submitting an ATF Form-1 and receiving the tax stamp, you can simply grind off the tack weld that holds the stock in the forward position and you have a real PM90 folding stock SBR!

The SPETS-12

(Available through select vendors)


The SPETS-12 is the ultimate solution for self defense whether it be at home or on the road.  This firearm is a 12 gauge miniature canon that is chambered for both 2 3/4 and 3" shells, and will fire high brass ammunition at or above 1330fps.  This magazine fed 12 gauge has a 13" barrel and a total length of 28.5" with an adjustable arm brace for varying length of pull.  Simply put, inside of 25 yards, the SPETS-12 is the single most effective defensive firearm on the planet.